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I can help you...

The life you are longing for is attainable.

All of it, the goals and lifestyle you desire.

My private services are a synthesis of Intuitive and Business skills. I use the depth of my knowledge and experience in Executive Coaching, Change Management,  Mediumship, Shamanic skills, Past Life residue Clearing, Ancestral inheritances, Guided Meditation, Energy clearing, Somatic Experiencing and other modalities to support your success. This is a unique and highly specialize service, your most precious resource is your time, the information and transformation available here is an investment that will serve you well.

My services are flexible to meet your needs. Please schedule a call to resolve an immediate concern, engage in ongoing coaching, or retain me for exclusive advising services on call.

All information we exchange is held in the strictest confidence.  

T: +1 (650)-520-0808

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