My services are a synthesis of Intuitive and Business Skills which help you achieve your goals and relieve your concerns.  Energy clearing. Executive Coaching, Change management, Somatic Experiencing and other modalities all work together to support your success.

If you want the best of the spiritual grounded in the everyday, let me support you in transforming your life here and now so you feel clear and confident in moving forward successfully.

In an Intuitive Coaching session we work together with intuition as well as the other skills to help you achieve your goals and work through obstacles. It is in our partnership that the work gets done. Unlike an intuitive reading, where I do all of the talking, Intuitive Advising is a dynamic process designed to help you create a stronger future. Nine month customized coaching cycles are available.

Before scheduling meeting please read the Prepare for Session section below.

This online scheduler allows you to schedule time with me.


Prepare for a session

  1. Write a list of questions you'd like to ask so you can feel clear, confident and complete.
  2. Be in a quiet place where you can focus fully for the time we have scheduled. 
  3. Use a recording device to record our session. Turn up the volume all the way.
  4. Relax so you can listen and focus on what is said, and review the recording later.
  5. I will ask you for your full name given at birth. From there I can access there information you desire.
  6. Call me at our scheduled time at 650-520-0808

I appreciate you for your trust and faith in me & your intuition which guided you here.

With Love - Rani